Giek_1 releases her new EP “ESCAPE”

| Maio 1, 2020 9:15 am
Giek_1 have just released ESCAPE, her new ambient pop record produced by Frenquency.

Dutch multifaceted artist Giek_1 have been in a tour de force to release a series of 6 EPs and 15 videos since late 2019. ESCAPE is the continuation of this massive effort, constituting their second EP in half a year. Distancing herself from the more experimental nature of their previous EP TWISTED TRANSCENDENCE, Giek_1 settle for a more careful and controlled relationship with pop music, finding comfort in the multi-textured productions of Frenquency

ESCAPE translates a certain vapour-like quality associated with dissociation into music. Each track hovers and creates an ambiance that is proper of impermanence, with reverberated voices and dreamy trip-hop production. Ironically, it is phenomenally catchy, capturing the ephemerality of its sound in a sea of pop sensitivity, with slight dissonances creating an eerie atmosphere and sense of unfamiliarity – the pop canons are all present, but this is not what you would expect from a pop record. 

Giek_1‘s new album paints recollections of Eartheater‘s more recent work, FKA Twigs and Chromatics with its many sound manipulations and layers. The voice plays a crucial role in creating the plurality of Giek_1 with its many materialisations in pure stereo delight. ESCAPE was released on the 1st of May and can be heard below.