Jeff Clark’s – “Welcome To The Night” (video) [Threshold Premiere]

| Dezembro 7, 2020 9:30 am
Jeff Clark's - Welcome To The Night (video) [Threshold Premiere]

Eight months after releasing the Miserable Star EP Jeff Clark’s is back with a new music video for “Welcome To The Night”, a vigorous mix of extensive darkwave and bombastic rhythms ready to conquer the gothic dancefloors. Since 2017 Charly Loyer (compositions, arrangements, vocals, and live guitar) and Guillaume Jean (live bass, arrangements) have been developing dark, cold, and hypnotic atmospheres through luminous sound energy that offers us a new vision of the modern world. Influenced by the 80’s soundscapes explored by names such as The Soft Moon, She Past Away or Skeleton Hands, Jeff Clark’s manages to create their distinct vibe through an additive electronic approach.

The new video for “Welcome To The Night” comes as an aperitif to promote the launch of Jeff Clark’s EP Collection, a release that incorporates the two previously released EP’s and that will be available to be consumed this Friday. Directed by Yann Ledos, the audiovisual work reflects the hypnotic and haunting textures designed in the single, in a painting scene dominated by nocturnal and mystical atmospheres. The spectator is, therefore, immersed in an atmosphere where love is like a trap, a pact that the narrator finds hard to break, a judgment of your story by others that no one can escape. You can watch the full thing first-hand below.

Jeff Clark’s started exploring these dark, cold, and hypnotic atmospheres with the debut EP Confused (2017) but it was with Miserable Star, their first effort, that their name gained some emphasis in the underground European scene. Now the duo is compressing the two EP’s in a single edition that hits the shelves at the end of this week. The edition can be previewed in the teaser below.

Jeff Clark’s EP Collection is out this Friday, December 11th through Manic Depression Records in digipack format. You can pre-order the release here.

Jeff Clark’s EP Collection Tracklist:

01. Coming war 
02. K2000 
03. Romeo and Juliet 
04. Confused 
05. Blank 
06. From Earth to Mars 
07. Welcome to the night 
08. Miserable star 
09. Man watching