Daydream – “A Patched Love” (single) [Threshold Premiere]

| Fevereiro 8, 2019 12:09 pm

Daydream is a trio formed in this, the year of our lord 2019, by Enzo Pepi (Guitar, Vocals), Dalila Mammana (Bass) e Stefania Papa (Percussion). Even though they’re based in southeast Sicily, their sound brings them closer to western geographies, given their proximity with the likes of Dinosaur Jr.Chapterhouse, and any other band that’s on the uncompromising limbo that sits between the universes of shoegaze, dream pop, and noise rock. On the 22nd of March of this year, Daydream is going to release their debut self-titled LP via Noja Recordings. In the meantime, the Italian trio has already released a video for their album closer track, fittingly called “The End”. 

Without vocals, this instrumental track is filled with warm layers and minimal sound walls that give us just the right amount of space to wander off to the reminiscence of our most precious summertime memories. It’s also a perfect teaser for things to come. 

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with Daydream‘s self-titled LP album cover, tracklist and also with it’s opening single, called “A Patched Love”. 

Daydream Tracklist:

01. A Patched Love 
02. I Am A Wonderful Mechanism 
03. It Rains On My Soul 
04. I Will Walk The Red Carpet 
05. The Stone Is Radiant 
06. Electric Silence 
07. Plug 
08. The Night Of The Living Dead 
09. I Don’t Really Have To Wake Up 
10. My Heart Beats Calmly 
11. End