Premiere: Bad Pritt – “Day 3” (video)

| Novembro 12, 2021 7:00 am
Bad Pritt Premiere Day 3

Seven days, that makes a whole week, but each day has its quirks, idiosyncrasies, and special feelings attached. Some might say that our happiness is directly related to the proximity of the weekend, but not everyone thinks and feels the same way. I’m sure Luca Marchetto, the man behind Bad Pritt, doesn’t feel the same way.

The Italian producer reflects in his work a cinematographic reality, inspired by neoclassicism, and his eponymous debut, released in 2018 and signed by the venetian Shyrec, of which a detailed analysis was done on our part, is proof of that.

Three years after his debut record, Bad Pritt wants to tell us about his week. Seven songs compose EP1, from “Day 1” to “Day 7”, an effort that assumes itself as an introspective journey. After an intense work full of sounds, mainly centered on the exploration (and contemplation) of postmodern culture, Bad Pritt‘s new album explores a person’s most intimate theme of loss and its grieving process. You can almost feel the breath of the piano, the minimal and smooth electronics that want to linger in the imagination and harmonious string arrangements seeking for light. All this from a single man who sounds like an orchestra.

The first song to be presented from EP1 is “Day 3”, whose video we are premiering today in Europe and the US. We are taken on a route through a snowy forest, towards a cemetery. The melody perfectly matches the photography filled with shades of black and white, darkness and brightness, a true tribute to mourning.

EP1 will be released on December 3rd with the joint signature of Shyrec and Ricco Label (Japan).