A D O R N S – “With What Sacrifice” (single) [Threshold Premiere]

A D O R N S – “With What Sacrifice” (single) [Threshold Premiere]

| Dezembro 10, 2019 5:54 pm

A D O R N S – “With What Sacrifice” (single) [Threshold Premiere]

| Dezembro 10, 2019 5:54 pm

A D O R N S is the new name you should memorize in the next times, especially if you are fans of the dark atmospheres present in the current electro post-punk scene. The project that began in the summer of 2018 – attempting to blend electronic music with waves of goth, darkwave, and dream ambiances – is now back with a new theme “With What Sacrifice”, the first official material in nearly a year. In the new theme, that will make part of a new release expected for February 2020, the band affix into colder rhythms to their traditional dreamy and catchy guitars.

“With What Sacrifice” comes almost a year after A D O R N S first EP, Locked Box – that included some Cocteau Twins and Slowdive vibes – and is accompanied by another theme “Pale Shoulders”. Both songs paint their subtle approach in developing music showing us that there is no concern about how things progress, no timelines to follow, no objectives to complete: it’s all about music and what it makes us feel.

The band will be on tour to promote this new theme, among new others. If you are in the United States, near Los Angeles or Brooklyn make sure to catch them up:


12.18.19 LOS ANGELES, CA at Highland Park Bowl with Bite Marx, Blood Handsome and Glitch Bitch. 
12.19.19 RIVERSIDE, CA at Aurea Vista Club for Club Dominion. 
12.20.19 LOS ANGELES, CA at California Institute of Abnormal Arts with Purple Dynamine, Future Twin and Fear Eats the Soul. 
12.21.19 DOWNEY, CA at The Stardust Club for Klub Terminal’s Goth Night. 
12.22.19 LOS ANGELES, CA at The BLVD with Edo, Freedom Curse, Ill Humans, Diamonds, Caress and Doll Klaw. 


01.16.20 BROOKLYN, NY at The Gutter with Captain Howdy, PUSH! and Jan the Actress. 


02.28.20 BROOKLYN, NY at Talon Bar for RE:NU with Tuff Turf and Scary Black (7″ Single Release Party). 


03.05.20 PAWTUCKET, RI at The News Cafe with Video Shoppe. 
03.06.20 WORCESTER, MA at Remedy Music with Gloss Goddess.